Information for presenters

Oral presentations
All oral presentations will be taking place in the amphitheaters (Pelvoux and Dauphine) and rooms (Oisans and Belle Etoîle) at Alpes-Congrès. A schematic map of their location is given here.
A deposit center for your PowerPoint presentation will be opened during the meeting at the Berlioz room, the congress office located nearby the main entrance of Alpes-Congrès. Pc and Mac Book Air will be available to test your presentation and we strongly encourage you to use our systems. If you must use your own computer, you are responsible for ensuring that it is compatible with our system and for ensuring that you have the appropriate cables. If the use of your computer adds set up time to your presentation, this time will have to come to your presentation, so that the parallel sessions can remain on time.
The deposit center will be opened from to 8 am up to 6 pm each day (except wednesday, 8 am up to 1 pm). Presentations due in the morning have to be loaded before 6 pm the day before and presentations due in the afternoon have to be loaded before noon.
The schedule of the presentations will be available on screens in the lobby of the conference center.

Standard audio and visual equipment:
- LCD projector with VGA connection table
- Laser pointer
- Microphones
- A PC (Windows 7, Office 2013) and a Mac Book air (Office 2013) on each site.

Posters Presentations
An A0 size is required. Posters will be presented on two sessions on Tuesday (even numbers) and Thursday (odd numbers) but will be available during all the meeting. To mount the posters, we will provide you adhesive tape.

Posters have been attributed to sessions:
Mz: Metalloenzymes and Metalloproteins
Na: Metals and Nucleic acids
Ho: Metal Homeostasis and Trafficking
Co: Bioinspired Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry
Kt: Bioinspired Catalysis
Md: Metals in Medicine and Health

The posters list (pdf file) is available here.

The posters should be held on Monday and Tuesday morning and removed on Friday before noon.



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