General informations


The persons arriving by train will be welcomed at Grenoble railway station on Sunday, July 21 from 2 to 8 pm, by members of the local organizing committee. They will be given transport tickets for their transportation during the Conference.
• On-site registration will take place at Alpes-Congrès. It will begin at 10 am on Monday, July 22 and will run until 7 pm.
• An identity proof (identity card, passport, or a copy of the registration confirmation) will be required for any registration.
• Your registration fee includes the following:
- Welcome party on July 22.
- Coffee Breaks during all the conference.
- Poster session refreshments on July 23 (Wine and cheese) and 25 (Chips and beer).
• During the registration, you will be given a name badge. Please keep this badge with you all along the Conference since it will be necessary to access the conference center and contains informations concerning the lunches on July 23, 25 and 26 for those who have subscribed.
• The registration will be made by students who kindly accepted this task. For any problem, a member of the local organizing committee present at the registration site will be pleased to help you.

Welcome Party
• The Welcome party will take place at Alpes-Congrès from noon to 2 pm, Monday, July 22 and is open to all delegates and accompanying persons
• Buffet lunch and beverages will be served

Opening ceremony
• The Opening Ceremony will take place at Alpes-Congrès, Dauphine amphitheater from 2 to 2:45 pm, Monday, July 22.
• Talks will be given by:
- M. Fontecave, Chair of ICBIC16
- M. Destot, Mayor of Grenoble
- M. Baietto, President of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
- P. Levy, President of the University of Grenoble
- W. Stirling, Representative of GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies)
- A. Butler, President of SBIC

The Banquet will take place at the ice-skating ring in Grenoble (Avenue d'Innsbruck just opposite to the Alpes-Congrès conference center).
It will start at 7 pm and finish around 11:30-midnight. Time schedule for the TramA to return to Grenoble downtown: 11:02 pm, 11:23 pm, 11:43 pm, 0:03 am, 0:23 am and 0:43 am. A bus will bring back the students staying at the “Houille Blanche”, departure at midnight.
The Banquet will start with a cocktail, followed by a gourmet dinner accompanied between each course by International magic shows given by vice-world champions of illusionism.

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